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Customers enjoying a wonderful meal
Trip Advisor January 2016
Our chef cooking in a flaming pan
Trip Advisor January 2016
Wine being poured
"Perfect in every way "
Trip Advisor November 2015
Staff serving drinks at The Green
"I couldn't fault it if I tried"
Trip Advisor August 2014

From the Kitchen


It appears to be nothing new these days for a chef to be enthusiastically extolling the virtues of local produce and seasonal food. It's hardly a unique selling point I know, but to me it matters. Really. There are the obvious ecological and social benefits of sourcing locally and supporting local producers but it also allows me to monitor quality. Knowing my producers and the provenance of ingredients gives me the opportunity to select what is at its best at a given time of year. I can indulge myself in writing menus in harmony with our seasons and get excited when foraged ingredients become available. I enjoy introducing customers to wonderful new flavours, something a little different every now and then.


You can read more about our suppliers and producers here.


I look forward to cooking for you soon.



Current Menus


Our menus evolve each day with the ebb and flow of what's at it best locally, so those shown here serve as a guide. Dietary requests are gladly accommodated on request. Please click on the links below to view.


Menu Du Jour


Sample A la Carte













Opening Times

Tuesday - Saturday

Lunch 12pm - 2.30pm
Dinner 6.30pm - 9.30pm


Taste Awards Winner 2014